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Dirty questions to ask girls

August 23, 2013 2 Comments

Although I’ve written “dirty questions to ask girls“, these are not really very dirty and in fact are totally fine to ask girls you know, however, they contain insinuations and hidden meanings in them which make them dirty if the girl is intelligent enough to understand them.

It’s all about the body language!

This is the most important part you need to understand in order to ask girls these dirty questions shamelessly and effortlessly, when you are talking to a girl you don’t really know a lot, it’s a great thing to first establish eye contact with her and then start becoming playful and teasing her little, then you can move to using these questions.

I’ve sorted them by order, from the simplest and most playful ones to the naughtiest and dirtiest.

The first dirty question to ask a girl is: Who’s the sexiest man in the world?

Although this is not really a dirty question in appearance, most girls are going to start talking about what they like in a certain actor or singer and by doing this, they are going to get turned on and soon, they are going to keep fantasizing and bringing out what they like in men.

Although this sounds very strange and somehow unrealistic, I’ve used it a lot of times and it will work with girls, just try it, however, if you keep interrupting and stopping her from expressing herself freely, she is going to feel hesitant and shy!

The second dirty question to ask a girl is: What clothes you wear when you sleep?

Again, this question is very revealing and intriguing to girls, when you ask it, you are simply going to make her understand that you are not here to be friendly!

If she tells you that she sleeps with her pajama, simply tell her that “you don’t look like a pajama person!”

I really enjoy telling girls a story about a friend of mine who sleeps naked and one morning, he woke up with a wet feeling in his ass, it was his dog licking him “passionately”!

You can use the story too and although it’s a lie, girls are going to feel much more open about talking about things they usually keep for themselves.

Then, you can then ask her if she sometimes sleeps naked.

The third question is: Where would you like your lover to touch you?

This is a very revealing question because the girl is going to simply tell you about what turns her on and the things you need to be doing in the future in order to make her like you and like spending time with you.

The fourth question is: Do you enjoy French kissing?

Most girls are going to say no to this, but don’t be an idiot and let such a golden opportunity pass, simply ask her why and keep listening to her, she will reveal amazing and important bits about her personality and what pleases her in lovemaking.

The fifth dirty question to ask a girl is: What turns you on rapidly?

Trust me, this is one of the best dirty questions you can ask a girl because it’s not only very playful, it’s also extremely cocky because if you were not confident enough, you would have never asked her such a question.

Girls really enjoy answering these “indirect” questions about their sexuality, and although it may look like a very direct question, it’s a very subtle one because you are not involving sexual areas here, for example, you can simply tell her about you and the fact that touching you in the arm or the neck will turn you on, then ask her again.

The sixth dirtiest question to ask girls is: What is your opinion on oral?

This is probably one of the safest dirty questions you can ask girls because it’s not very direct and it does not involve things they did in the past, it just revolves around an opinion.

It’s truly amazing what these dirty questions can do, they will turn girls on and they will create the perfect condition for escalating physically with them, however, do not use them all in one date, each time you meet her, use one, however, when you kiss her for the first time, you can escalate things with her.

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  1. craig says:

    I’m sorry to say this but most of these questions are not very dirty at all!

    • Jacob Bruin says:

      You have to understand is being “overt” with girls is going to get you into troubles, but these tips are going to work, I’ve tried them myself and they are amazing.

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